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Checklist for Buying a Left Hand Drive Car From the UK

Outside of a house, the cars that we buy are generally the most expensive purchases that we make during our lives. In fact, the average UK motorist spends over £200,000 on vehicles during their lifetime. So, if you are looking for a new car to take with you abroad then this checklist will help guide you along the process and help you make the right choice.

Car specification

One of the most important things to check when buying a used left hand drive car is making sure that the specification is appropriate for the destination country. This generally means that you shouldn’t pick a left hand drive car that’s manufactured in the USA for use in Europe. Check manufacturer specifications of the car that you are interested in and that the equivalent car is available in the country where you want to use the car.

Local dealers

This one may seem obvious but it is amazing how many people forget to check if there is a local dealer nearby. If you’re planning on using your left hand drive car solely abroad then you’ll want to check that there is a franchised dealer or garage nearby that is able to service, maintain and repair your car. It will make your life easier if you pick a manufacturer with a main dealer near where you’ll be living.


Another consideration when buying a used left hand drive car is what you’ll be using the car for. So if you just need something to take you into town for the weekly shopping then you probably don’t need a large family saloon. While if you intend doing a lot of bigger trips and have a young family, a small hatchback might not make sense. Remember to pick a car that suits your needs and your life abroad.


Does the car that you want to buy have all the right paperwork? For a used car this is especially important as you’ll need to make sure that it comes with a certificate of conformity to make it easy to export it to your chosen country within the EU. At Transeuropean we make sure that all of our vehicles have the necessary paperwork and can manage the entire process for you.

Vehicle Inspection

For peace of mind, it is always worth getting a professional third-party to carry out a pre-purchase inspection. If the car dealer that you are looking at is opposed to this then it’s definitely time to walk away. At Transeuropean we recommend and welcome the inspection of all our cars by the AA, RAC and other vehicle inspections.

Come and visit our London showroom for a great range of used left hand drive cars and the best advice when it comes to buying a left hand drive and exporting it abroad. Founded in 1970 we have an excellent track record of supplying the best quality cars on the market.