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How to Buy a New Left Hand Drive Car Within The UK

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Are you looking to retire to France, Spain or Italy? Or have you been lured to a life of sunshine in the Costa del Sol and looking to move abroad permanently? Either way, one of the things that you’ll want to do is get yourself a left hand drive car for getting around. But, if you don’t speak the language how can you make sure that you get a good deal when buying a new left hand drive car.Luckily for you at Transeuropean we’ve got nearly 50 years’ experience sourcing left hand drive cars for our customers. From supercars like the Porsche 911 and Ferrari Scuderia to the more modest Fiat 500 or Citroen 2CV, we’ve helped our customers find the perfect car for their holiday villas and European homes.

Step 1: The first step in the process is to do your research and work out what your budget is, what type of car you’d like to purchase and any particular makes or models that you’d like to consider. Remember to look at cars that are available to purchase in your destination location, e.g. if you are looking to move to Spain then it might make sense to take a look at Seat which is a Spanish brand.

Step 2: Take a test drive, or several in different cars you are interested in. For most customers, this is easiest in the UK and realistically most car models are similar between European countries. Carrying out your test drive in the UK is far easier than trying to arrange this in your destination country.

Step 3: Once you’ve worked out what you want it’s time to get in touch with the team at Transeuropean to help you get the car you want for a price you can afford. Since 1970 we have been sourcing top quality European specified left hand drive cars for our customers. From registration and importing to export and taxation, we can provide you with the expert advice you need to get the car that you want.

Step 4: Whether you want to drive your new left hand drive car from the UK to Europe or arrange to have it delivered to your foreign address, we can take care of things for you. Get in touch with Transeuropean today on 0207 435 7009 for help buying a new left hand drive car in the UK.As well as new cars we also stock a great range of used left hand drive cars including 4X4s, SUVs, family hatchback, executive saloons and much more. For all your left hand car needs be sure to get in touch with our team.

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a LHD Car for Your Holiday Home

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Whether you are looking to buy your first holiday home abroad, planning for your retirement or are already enjoying the Ex-Pat life on the continent, one of the things you’ll want to consider is getting a left hand drive car. While it might make sense to use your existing right hand drive car if you only venture abroad for a week or two a year, for anyone looking to spend more time abroad a left hand drive car makes a lot of sense. In this blog, we’ll take a look at 5 reasons why you should make the switch to LHD.

Car parks

It sounds obvious but car parks with ticket-operated barriers are designed for left hand drive cars on the continent. This means that in a right hand drive car unless you have a passenger you’ll have to physically get out of your car to get a ticket before running back into your car to move forward before the barrier closes.

Toll booths

Again, toll booths are set up for left hand drive vehicles so simply stopping to pay tolls can become quite irksome with frequent trips out of the car, or having to do your best yoga impression.


Another difficulty driving a right hand drive car in Europe is the danger involved in overtaking. Because the view of the road ahead is obstructed you are more at risk when attempting to overtake than a driver in a left hand drive car.


This is where things can start to get tricky. If you plan on keeping your right hand drive car and using it while abroad for more than about 60 days of the year then most insurance companies will not provide you with cover. Even policies that offer extended European cover limit the amount of time that you can spend on the continent.


If you are moving to France, Spain, Germany or any other left hand drive country on a permanent basis then you will need to register your car in that country. This is where registering a right hand drive car can become problematic as you’ll need a certificate of conformity to show that it meets the required environmental standards of the country you are looking to move to, for modern cars this shouldn’t be a problem but older cars may prove problematic.

Add to this the necessity to have your headlights changed to face the right way, speedometer needs to clearly show your speed in kph and fog light needs to be on the left hand side of the car. Your car will need to undergo the equivalent of an MOT test as well to make sure that it is roadworthy.

Buying a left hand drive car is the easiest way to avoid the problems above and help make your life that little bit easier abroad. At Transeuropean we can help you get a great deal on a left hand drive car and have been sourcing; supplying and selling left hand drive cars since 1970.

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The Best LHD Family Cars on a Budget

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If you are looking to buy a left hand drive family car then at Transeuropean we can help. We’ve got some of the best cars available on the market so get in touch today for more information on 0207 435 7009. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best value used LHD cars for those on a budget.

Family Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks continue to be a great choice for families and the cars below are regularly among the top sellers across Europe. What’s more, if you are on a budget all the cars below can be found for a decent price.

Volkswagen Golf

There’s a reason why the Golf is one of the best-selling family hatchbacks in Europe, that’s because it does everything extremely well. It’s fun to drive, has a practical boot, can fit five adults inside and is comfortable. This is often the benchmark that other family hatchbacks are measured by and remains one of the best cars on the market today.

Ford Focus

If you’re looking to get more value for your money then the Ford Focus is hard to beat. The third top-seller in the family hatchback sector the Focus may not have the build quality of the Golf but it is more fun to drive. Another tick box in favour of the Focus is price. Those looking for a practical car that is reliable and cheap to repair will love the Ford Focus.

Skoda Octavia

Once the punchline of jokes, Skoda has been transformed into a reputable brand and is always towards the top of best-selling car brands across Europe. While not as fun to drive as the Golf or Focus above, it is supremely reliable, boasts a cavernous interior and some very efficient engines. Diesel engines are the most popular and the engine range is surprisingly refined.

Small SUVs

One of the newest segments on the market, small SUVs or crossovers as they are also known are an enticing option for many family buyers. Surprisingly spacious inside, they retain the driving characteristics of a family hatchback with the advantage of a higher driving position.

Renault Captur

Launched in 2013, the Renault Captur is the best-selling small crossover in Europe and it’s easy to see why. With a choice of two petrol or diesel engines, the Renault Captur is economical to run, easy to drive and practical to boot. The smaller petrol engine is perfect for city use, while the 1.5 turbocharged diesel engine combines’ economy with performance.

Dacia Duster

Anyone looking for a simple, affordable and practical SUV can’t go far wrong with the Dacia Duster.  This no-frills budget car brand may be relatively new to the market, but it is already becoming a popular choice with families. Now in the second generation, there are some bargains to be enjoyed on the used car market with a relatively young car available for a very modest price.

Take a look at our full range of used left hand drive cars today here or give us a call today on 0207 435 7009 if you would like us to source a car for you.

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Things to Look Out for When Buying a Left Hand Drive SUV

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This entry was posted on 14th December 2018 by Tass G.

Sport Utility Vehicles or SUVs for short have replaced the estate car and MPV as the go-to choice for families. With their wide opening doors, high driving position and versatile seating options, it’s easy to see why the SUV now rules the roost. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the things to look out for when buying a left hand drive SUV to help make the right choice.

Check rear seat access

For families with young children, a car that offers good rear seat access and secure child seat fittings will definitely be high on the priority list. Consider how you will be using the car and check that it meets your requirements. Those with older children will want to make sure that there are plenty of storage compartments and power sockets for keeping things like tablets charged while on the go.

Additional seating

A lot of modern SUVs now come with the option of 7 seats for added convenience. The general seating layout has the standard 5 seats and a further 2 seats located in the boot. These vehicles can be extremely handy as the seats fold flat when not in use to provide a large boot space and still offer the versatility of extra seating when you need it.

Parking sensors and reversing camera

These may sound like accessories that you could live without but the reality is parking sensors and a reversing camera will help to make your life so much easier. As most SUVs are much larger than a standard car it can take some time to get used to the extra size, parking sensors help to make sure you don’t accidentally hit something while trying to park.

Two wheel or four wheel drive?

While most SUVs have rugged styling it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are any good off-road. A lot of smaller SUVs and crossovers are only available in two wheel drive. The obvious benefits of two wheel drive are cheaper running costs, while four wheel drive versions offer better performance in slippery conditions and some off-road driving potential.

Keyless boot opening

Another feature that you may have first dismissed is keyless boot opening systems. These are incredibly useful when you have your hands full of shopping and can unlock and open the boot with a wave of your foot under the bumper.

Car upholstery

One thing is certain if you have young children there will definitely be spillages of food and drink on your car seats. Look for fabrics that are hard-wearing and easy to clean for added peace of mind when buying a left hand drive SUV.

Boot load height

Does the boot have a flat floor, and is there a high boot lip? Most SUVs have relatively flat boot floors and no boot lip to make loading and unloading much easier. Trust us you’ll appreciate the difference that this can make.

Are you ready to buy a left hand drive SUV? Get in touch with the team at Transeuropean today on 0207 435 7009 and see how we can help.

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Everything You Need to Know About Driving on the Right

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Have you ever wondered why in Britain we drive on the left hand side but on the continent they drive on the right? Well, in Britain this pretty much dates back to the age of knights who preferred to keep to the left in order to have their right arm free for attacking an opponent. And, while this explains why British colonies drive on the left, what about Europe and America. Well, the habit of driving on the right comes from using teams of horses to pull wagons. The driver would sit on the left, rear horse to keep his right hand free to hold his whip. Travelling on the right allowed the driver to keep an eye on oncoming traffic and make sure that the wagon did not collide with it.

So now that we know why we drive on the right or the left let’s look at some of the things you need to know about driving on the right when on the continent.

Speed limits

In Europe, all speed limits are measured in kilometres per hour and not miles per hour, failing to obey the local speed limits could result in you being fined. Most modern cars have kph measurements on the speedometer so even if you are driving your own right hand drive car in Europe you will be able to check that you are obeying the speed limits.


Did you know that in most European countries it is illegal to drive without your headlights on, even during the day? Most European cars feature daylight running lights for this reason so make sure you keep your headlights on while driving.

Breakdown kit

There are certain things that you need to keep in the car with you at all times in case of a breakdown in Europe and these include a reflective jacket and a hazard warning triangle, in France, you also need an unused, certified breathalyser. While not necessary we’d also recommend that you take a warm blanket, torch, water and a first aid kit for use in an emergency.

Zero drink tolerance

In many European countries, the legal drink-drive limit is a lot lower than Britain and in some countries, they have a very strict zero alcohol limit with regular breathalyser stops. The best bet if you are unsure is to not consume any alcohol until you are aware what the local laws are.

Road signs

While most signs are fairly self-explanatory there are some that could catch you out while abroad. Before travelling on the continent we’d recommend taking the time to study the local driving laws and especially any restrictions such as tolls on motorways. Knowing these before you travel can help you avoid potential fines and help keep you safe while on the road.

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Top 10 Left Hand Drive Car Models

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At Transeuropean we have been sourcing, supplying and importing European left hand drive cars to our customers since 1970. During the years we’ve imported all types of car from the humble Citroen 2CV to the absolutely stunning Ferrari Testarossa. And, while we still supply supercars to those who can afford them our top 10 list is somewhat more modest.

Range Rover

From the modern and new Range Rover Evoque with its streamlined shape to the classic, boxy profile Range Rover Sport, there’s no doubting the popularity of the Range Rover. Comfortable, luxurious and built to last, the Range Rover is a popular choice when it comes to the continent. If you’re looking for a vehicle that can tackle everything that’s thrown at it, then the Range Rover is the perfect choice.

Volkswagen Touareg

Anyone with a large family that needs a go anywhere vehicle will appreciate the size, comfort and refinement of the VW Touareg. The excellent diesel engines of the Touareg keep running costs relatively low for such a large car and the strong residual values of VW mean that the car should hold on to its value.

Land Rover Freelander

The perfect utilitarian workhorse, the Land Rover Freelander is an incredibly good car and one that is well suited to life in the mountains or rural settings. With a great 4 wheel drive system, the Land Rover Freelander will tackle off-road conditions with ease and the comfortable interior will make every journey a pleasure.

Porsche Boxster

There are so many great Porsche models but we tried to limit our selection to just one in our top 10 list and while we were tempted to go for the iconic 911, in the end, we decided to opt for the Porsche Boxster. This excellent roadster is a sporty 2 seater which is incredibly fun to drive and won’t fail to put a smile on your face. No matter what engine you opt for, the Porsche Boxster provides a rewarding driving experience.

Volkswagen Golf

A modern classic, the Volkswagen Golf is the world’s second best-selling car model with over 30 million produced worldwide. It’s often the yardstick by which others are measured with excellent build quality, great reliability and a spacious layout. Driveability is great with sporty models such as the iconic GTI providing the most fun for your money.

Fiat 500

A blast from the past with a modern twist, the Fiat 500 was first launched in 1957 and produced until 1975. In 2007, Fiat relaunched the 500 and it quickly became one of the best-selling city cars in the world. Fun to drive with Italian styling, the Fiat 500 captured the market for those looking for a city car that wasn’t boring.


Sport utility vehicles have become increasingly popular in the UK and Europe and offer the benefit of a high driving position with off-road capabilities for when you need them. One of the best examples of this is the superb BMW X5 which offers refined performance with a luxurious interior. For those who want something a little smaller, the BMW X3 is also a great choice and should provide typical German reliability.

Audi A4

Available in saloon or estate guises and with a huge selection of engines, the Audi A4 is a capable family car that will happily eat up the miles. Offering a spacious, comfortable interior, and surprisingly efficient engines, the Audi A4 is a great choice for families who are looking for a spacious and luxury car.

Mercedes Benz E Class

Loved by taxi drivers all over the world, the Mercedes E class is a prestige car that is packed full of luxury features. The quiet and efficient engines, high-spec interiors and built-in safety features are just some of the reasons that the big Mercedes is so popular. If you want a car that can cope with big journeys and that never misses a beat, then the E class might be the right choice for you.

Renault Clio

Papa? Nicole? Anyone of a certain age will remember the Renault Clio adverts from the 1990’s in the UK. To this day the Renault Clio remains popular with British buyers and is the only supermini in our list. Popular with French buyers, the Renault Clio is a great choice for anyone looking to blend in with the locals when moving to France.

The cars on the list above are just our thoughts on the best left hand drive cars and ones that we frequently get customers requesting. At Transeuropean we have built up a huge network of contacts over the years’ which means we can find you the perfect car to match your needs and budget. Get in touch today on 0208 435 7009 for more information.

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Checklist for Buying a Left Hand Drive Car From the UK

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Outside of a house, the cars that we buy are generally the most expensive purchases that we make during our lives. In fact, the average UK motorist spends over £200,000 on vehicles during their lifetime. So, if you are looking for a new car to take with you abroad then this checklist will help guide you along the process and help you make the right choice.

Car specification

One of the most important things to check when buying a used left hand drive car is making sure that the specification is appropriate for the destination country. This generally means that you shouldn’t pick a left hand drive car that’s manufactured in the USA for use in Europe. Check manufacturer specifications of the car that you are interested in and that the equivalent car is available in the country where you want to use the car.

Local dealers

This one may seem obvious but it is amazing how many people forget to check if there is a local dealer nearby. If you’re planning on using your left hand drive car solely abroad then you’ll want to check that there is a franchised dealer or garage nearby that is able to service, maintain and repair your car. It will make your life easier if you pick a manufacturer with a main dealer near where you’ll be living.


Another consideration when buying a used left hand drive car is what you’ll be using the car for. So if you just need something to take you into town for the weekly shopping then you probably don’t need a large family saloon. While if you intend doing a lot of bigger trips and have a young family, a small hatchback might not make sense. Remember to pick a car that suits your needs and your life abroad.


Does the car that you want to buy have all the right paperwork? For a used car this is especially important as you’ll need to make sure that it comes with a certificate of conformity to make it easy to export it to your chosen country within the EU. At Transeuropean we make sure that all of our vehicles have the necessary paperwork and can manage the entire process for you.

Vehicle Inspection

For peace of mind, it is always worth getting a professional third-party to carry out a pre-purchase inspection. If the car dealer that you are looking at is opposed to this then it’s definitely time to walk away. At Transeuropean we recommend and welcome the inspection of all our cars by the AA, RAC and other vehicle inspections.

Come and visit our London showroom for a great range of used left hand drive cars and the best advice when it comes to buying a left hand drive and exporting it abroad. Founded in 1970 we have an excellent track record of supplying the best quality cars on the market.

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BMW 7 Series rated best luxury saloon….EVER!!

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Our Left Hand Drive 7 series

One of Youtube’s top motor fans has rated this BMW 7 series the best luxury saloon ever – take a look why here: 

Our Left hand drive BMW 740 iL is a classic, well looked after example and well worth taking a look at.

Being an “iL” means your rear seated passengers will be able to stretch out & take advantage of that extra legroom. There are folding tables, reading lights, soft leather & walnut wood trim…some proper luxury for the price tag here!

It is in a fantastic condition inside and out even if one accounts for the age of the vehicle. Drives superbly too. A huge advantage is that it runs on LPG as well as unleaded, on a recent long trip we had really fantastic consumption figures.

Arrange a test-drive with us today, and enjoy ownership of a classic luxury saloon – hopefully we can find our girl a new home for just £7,950!!

Our example is finished in Alpine white with soft beige leather interior and the classic BMW spoke alloy wheels. There has only been 1 owner since the year 2000 who has maintained it meticulously, mainly servicing with his local BMW dealership.

Here’s a link to the beauty in question, please contact us for more information:

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Buying and Using a LHD Car in the UK and Abroad

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If you are lucky enough to have a holiday home in Spain or France and spend a lot of time on the continent then it makes perfect sense to buy a left hand drive car for using abroad. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the things you need to know about owning, buying and using a LHD car in the UK and abroad.

Can I use my LHD car in the UK?

One of the common questions we get asked by customers is if they can legally run and use a LHD car in the UK? And, the answer is yes, of course, you can. We’d recommend that you have the car registered to the place that you spend most of your time, so if you live in France for 8 months of the year, then it makes sense to have the car registered to your home in France.

Is it possible to buy a left hand drive car in the UK?

At Transeuropean we have over 40 years’ experience supplying UK customers with the best left hand drive cars on the market. We recognised that customers were looking for a hassle-free way to purchase a left hand drive car while still in the UK and so set out to provide them with a solution they could trust. With a stellar reputation, we can guarantee that the car you choose will comply with all the regulations of your chosen location.

Are left hand drive cars cheaper abroad?

You might be surprised to find out that it often works out to cost a similar amount buying a left hand drive car in the UK as it does abroad. In fact, in some cases, it can even be cheaper. This is mainly due to strong residual used values in countries such as Spain and France that makes buying on the continent generally more expensive. Another benefit of buying in the UK is convenience. At Transeuropean we make things as simple as possible and deal with all aspects of registration, servicing, inspections and even delivery.

Can I register a left hand drive car in the UK?

For those who are looking to spend more time in the UK and want to drive back and forth between the UK and France or Spain then it may make sense to register your left hand drive car in the UK. The process for this can be a little confusing and will mainly depend on what your intended use of the vehicle is and how long you are likely to be using it in the UK.

At Transeuropean we have been helping customers since 1970 to find the perfect left hand drive car and have imported and exported thousands of rare, luxury, prestige and standard cars. Our team can help you decide on whether UK registration is the right way to go and provide a full service from sourcing to final registration and delivery.

Don’t forget insurance

Whether you plan on keeping your LHD car in the UK or at your holiday home, one of the key things to consider is insurance. If you intend driving your left hand drive car between the UK and abroad you need to make sure that your insurance provider covers you for your intended usage.

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5 Tips for Buying a Left Hand Drive Car

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Whether you are looking to buy a holiday home in Europe, are relocating as part of a job move or promotion, or are thinking of moving abroad on a permanent basis, buying a left hand drive car makes a lot of sense. In this blog, we’ll look at 5 tips to help you buy a left hand drive car and what things you need to be look out for in the process.

Use a reputable specialist

One of the biggest tips for buying a left hand drive car is to use a reputable company for the purchase. Unless you speak the language of the country you’ll be using the car in, it’s often easier to deal with a specialist company in the UK. This is where Transeuropean can really help; as we have been helping UK customers find the perfect LHD cars since 1970.

Choose a car with a good history

Unless you are able to view the car yourself in person and understand the local language, it can be difficult to get the real history of a left hand drive vehicle. As well as checking for outstanding finance and accident damage, you’ll want to make sure that you know about the service and maintenance history of the vehicle you intend buying to help avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Think about import and export

Do you know the law when it comes to importing or exporting a car? Many people wrongly assume that you can legally use your right hand drive car in Europe for as long as you want or a left hand drive car in the UK indefinitely. Sadly this is not the case and to do things properly you’ll need to register your car in the country where you’ll be spending the majority of your time. This process can be long and complicated and you need to ensure you have the right paperwork. As well as this you’ll also need to understand what Tax or import duty is due.

Consider delivery

Buying a car in the UK is a great way to save money and not have the hassle of dealing with a foreign dealership. Another advantage is that you can often get the car delivered to your holiday villa or foreign property as part of the process, saving you time and effort of having to do this yourself. Of course, you could always choose to drive the car abroad yourself, but for those short on time delivery can be a great option.

Purchase in the UK

There are many reasons why it makes sense to purchase your left hand drive from the UK, with one of the strongest being language. Another advantage is that used car prices are considerably cheaper in the UK compared to mainland Europe. This means that you’ll be able to get a much better car for your money. At Transeuropean we make sure that all the cars we buy are in the best possible condition and carry out our own extensive checks into their history as well as carrying out a rigorous mechanical check.

This means that when you buy a left hand car from Transeuropean, you can relax in the knowledge that your new left hand drive car won’t let you down.