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How to Buy a New Left Hand Drive Car Within The UK

Are you looking to retire to France, Spain or Italy? Or have you been lured to a life of sunshine in the Costa del Sol and looking to move abroad permanently? Either way, one of the things that you’ll want to do is get yourself a left hand drive car for getting around. But, if you don’t speak the language how can you make sure that you get a good deal when buying a new left hand drive car.Luckily for you at Transeuropean we’ve got nearly 50 years’ experience sourcing left hand drive cars for our customers. From supercars like the Porsche 911 and Ferrari Scuderia to the more modest Fiat 500 or Citroen 2CV, we’ve helped our customers find the perfect car for their holiday villas and European homes.

Step 1: The first step in the process is to do your research and work out what your budget is, what type of car you’d like to purchase and any particular makes or models that you’d like to consider. Remember to look at cars that are available to purchase in your destination location, e.g. if you are looking to move to Spain then it might make sense to take a look at Seat which is a Spanish brand.

Step 2: Take a test drive, or several in different cars you are interested in. For most customers, this is easiest in the UK and realistically most car models are similar between European countries. Carrying out your test drive in the UK is far easier than trying to arrange this in your destination country.

Step 3: Once you’ve worked out what you want it’s time to get in touch with the team at Transeuropean to help you get the car you want for a price you can afford. Since 1970 we have been sourcing top quality European specified left hand drive cars for our customers. From registration and importing to export and taxation, we can provide you with the expert advice you need to get the car that you want.

Step 4: Whether you want to drive your new left hand drive car from the UK to Europe or arrange to have it delivered to your foreign address, we can take care of things for you. Get in touch with Transeuropean today on 0207 435 7009 for help buying a new left hand drive car in the UK.As well as new cars we also stock a great range of used left hand drive cars including 4X4s, SUVs, family hatchback, executive saloons and much more. For all your left hand car needs be sure to get in touch with our team.