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Why buy a Left Hand Drive Car from Transeuropean Left hand drive cars?

Transeuropean Left Hand Drive Car Company.

It’s 1970.

Left hand drive cars might not be the first thing that spring to mind – unless you need one. Most people at this time are aware of names like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis & Abba who top the charts. Concorde makes it’s first supersonic flight. Mini skirts, huge flares, huge collars and huge moustaches are the norm.

And whilst one famous band called the Beatles is disbanding, another group in London is being formed; enter the early days of Transeuropean Carriage Company. To this day the same founders of Transeuropean LHD Cars (for short) are at the helm, importing and exporting quality Left Hand Drive cars from across the globe and supplying these worldwide.

What (Left Hand) drives these same guys (pun intended) to continue supplying left hand drive cars to this day?

Over the years various markets have opened and closed their doors. At one point it was the American Market, then Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Lagos, Europe, etc.

One thing has not changed: Trust. This was an essential ingredient as clients were often buying left hand drive cars, on the other side of the globe, based on the description given over the phone by Transeuropean LHD Cars.

All aspects relating to the safe transit of the vehicle to clients’ far flung driveway, such as the shipping, servicing, are all handled on a personal level by Transeuropean LHD Cars (recently a left hand drive Mercedes was personally delivered by one of the Directors to Gibraltar). Our very satisfied clients were key to elevating Transeuropean’s reputation to what it is today.

Transeuropean will still supply and deliver a quality, unique left hand drive car to its prospective client, and this family partnership still prides itself on what it has painstakingly built up over these past 5 decades or so.

The hey day : An advert from the late 1980’s.
Transeuropean Left hand drive cars were a permanent feature in the pages of many car magazines, throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond.

As one can see in the advert Transeuropean’s left hand drive stock was substantial & ALL these left hand drive Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes & BMW’s were actually physical and in stock on our premises! The holding warehouse was a sea of red, and even the most exceptional lhd Porsche looked positively pedestrian compared to the Italian Scuderia machinery in their red livery.

Transeuropean LHD cars have built up a massive trusted supply network over the years, and are able to supply any vehicle, left or right hand drive, family left hand drive cars, lhd 4×4 vehicles, diesel, petrol, hybrids, electric, performance cars, supercars, and even hypercars. It may sound easy, but sometimes you need to have the contacts to be able to purchase cars which are in the top league, even if you have the money to buy these.

It’s been great to reminisce, but the beauty is that we’re still here today and we would be honoured to have the pleasure of your custom. So if you are in the market for a left hand drive car whether it’s a Beetle or a Bugatti, please get in touch today!